Saturday, 14 April 2012

Birthday Trip to Rottnest Island

At the end of November for my 27th birthday we to Rottnest Island for a long weekend.
We caught the Rottnest Ferry from Fremantle Marina that takes 25mins to the island,

Rottnest Island is a historical island dates back 23,000 years ago with aboriginal heritage,

While we stayed we went snorkeling in the most crystal blue waters ive ever seen with tropical fish and colourful corals.
Went out for dinner both the nights we were there on fine crusine, played mini golf.
The 2nd day we were there we hired bikes and rode to each bay where it was ideal for snorkeling, being the first time ive ever snorkeled i dont think i did too bad i had a good teacher!! But i felt like had the bike seat stuck up my behind for days been a long time since i rode a bike! but there was noo whoopsys and broken bones or grazes unlike some people we saw!!

The island has these little animals that roam the island doing what they pleased with not a worry in the world, they call them quokkas they almost look like they are crossed between a rat and a kangaroo, they certainly have good noses on them after we arrived at the island we went and played mini golf then went back to our room where we were staying at the rottnest Lodge and sat outside of our room and ate crackers and cheese and a bourbon of course they came from nowhere!!

On the last day we took a scenic train ride to a lookout point that looks out over the island, this was where all the history was at.

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